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National Work Life Week - the importance of flexible working.


At Meeting Place, we are fiercely proud of our flexible working practices and we’re taking time this National Work Life Week to celebrate the trust, support and autonomy we give to our colleagues.

As many of you know, back in 2020, we ditched our traditional offices in favour of a hub based working model. I’ve written before about how it has revolutionised our working practices for the better, but crucially this move allowed us to roll out true flexible working.

What does flexible working look like for us?

It looks like never having to ask if you can leave work for a bit to go to the dentist, your child’s school performance, pick your car up from the garage or do many other of life’s great tapestry of demands that so often happen between 9 and 5 Monday to Friday. It may even look like working compressed hours to allow you to accommodate childcare, take up a larger roll in an organisation in your community or simply have more time to yourself.

Why do we offer flexible working?

Well, because we are nice people and because it makes commercial sense. When you employ someone, you are employing the whole person – they are not just the excellently qualified individual laid out on their CV. They are also someone’s partner, daughter or son, mother or father, or carer. They have interests, needs and people in their lives that they must nurture. If we – as their employer – rob them of their ability to do that, we will not get the best out of them at work. It really is that simple.

Keep an eye out across our social channels this week as the team shares their feedback on how flexible working has impacted them personally.

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