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Social impact, Hertfordshire



Tarmac owns significant land holdings and the business generates a great deal of positive social impact for local communities, whether through economic, social or environmental means, including through the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund.

However, the full extent of the social impact generated is not sufficiently recognised and Tarmac is keen therefore to establish positive, meaningful relations with leading local politicians, taking the opportunity to communicate the full raft of social impact it generates and improve the perception of the company.


Meeting Place is working in close collaboration with Tarmac to develop a compelling Social Impact Framework Report to support its land and planning priorities in Hertfordshire.

The Framework Report will give Tarmac a platform from which to communicate its social impact journey, while also providing clear milestones to enable the company to report on progress of how it is making a positive contribution to people, planet and place across Hertfordshire.

Meeting Place began by gathering information surrounding each operational site and strategic land holding. This work included recording the social, economic and environmental impacts of each site. For example, the associated employment opportunities, the impact on local community health and wellbeing and the measures taken to reduce environmental impacts.

This was followed by a workshop, comprising representatives from Tarmac’s planning, development and communications teams. This has helped to set in place a social impact strategy and generate ideas for content to ensure the report is engaging and resonates with the target audience.


The work will culminate in a Social Impact Report, which will be refreshed and updated on an annual basis. This will enable Tarmac to communicate the progress it has made over the previous year, while also giving themselves the opportunity to articulate its forward direction to ensure positive social impact can be delivered.

  • 17,341 trees planted as part of the Queen's Green Canopy, sequestering up to 0.3 tonnes CO2 per year
  • £12,000donated to Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust to restore two hectares of rare heathland habitat
  • 100,000volunteer hours to be delivered by 2030

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