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Moreton Lane, Stroud

JBM Solar


A new solar farm in Stroud will increase the district council’s clean energy generating capacity by 50%.

As well as generating renewable energy for 15,000 homes the plans include 40 acres of wildflower meadows, 700+ trees and 2.7km of hedgerow planting. We’re not only facing a climate crisis but an ecological crisis too. A solar farm with 18.5% biodiversity net gain is how we start to tackle both.


We generated more than 80 supportive comments on the planning file through a targeted social media campaign and engagement with supportive stakeholders.

Comments came from those living within the district, ensuring they balanced the weight of local objections. Months of targeted engagement saw us reach beyond local opposition to garner support from Stroud’s rainbow coalition. We not only helped to secure their buy-in but we also convinced senior councillors and officers of the need to review how the application was resourced in recognition of the urgent need to decarbonise our energy system.

We also facilitated engagement with local climate change and wildlife groups, helping navigate the sometimes-conflicting agendas different local groups had. This resulted not only in support but has sparked longer-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


The decisions we need to take to address the climate and ecological crises aren’t always easy or popular. Those who shout the loudest are often heard the most. We’re proud of our role in bringing different voices into the conversation to demonstrate support by giving a voice to people who want to see positive change.

  • 18.5%biodiversity net gain
  • Increasing the council’s clean energy generating capacity by 50%
  • 80registered letters of support

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