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Twerton Mill, Bath

McLaren Property


Twerton Mill is located west of Bath’s city centre and comprises a range of modern rooms and studios, as well as a suite of excellent social and study facilities. The development provides open-plan living areas and there's a large courtyard just a short stroll from the riverside. The development offers an attractive environment for student living and it has a wealth of useful amenities on the doorstep.


Working with local politicians, we promoted the benefits of the scheme in reducing the levels of HMOs in the local area as well as introducing a management element to student accommodation.

The key issue was the impact of car parking on the neighbouring streets and a big part of our messaging was how the management arrangements (tenancy contract clauses) to prevent students from bringing cars to the city had worked successfully elsewhere.


We worked with councillors to address concerns raised by residents and promote the scheme through the planning process, to a successful decision at committee. Our design team created beautiful hoardings to promote the development which included hand-drawn illustrations of the city of Bath.

The scheme was nominated for a RIBA design award and the Meeting Place team worked with the clients to communicate this success to local stakeholders, which in turn helped to build relationships ahead of further planning applications in the city.

  • Nominated for a RIBA design award

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