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Ruth Skidmore

Social Impact Lead

Ruth leads our Social Impact work through engagement with local people, gathering data and using this to drive positive change. This includes working with clients to help them understand the impact of their design decisions, engagement approach and outreach activities. Ruth works with clients to determine how they act responsibility to meet the needs of people, local communities and achieve wider social sustainability goals.

Ruth has an architectural background and has previously worked on large-scale design projects as well as in environmental consultancy. She challenges and pushes the industry to look more rigorously at how we measure social value and the systems currently in place. This stemmed from her masters research into the social measurement toolkits available and, more recently, has led to journal publications and a number of workshops allowing design teams and businesses to understand their social, environmental and governance decisions.

Moving to a four-day week over recent years has allowed Ruth to spend more time in the great outdoors and she can often be found taking on unnecessary sporting challenges, including triathlons and wild swimming. This is, of course, balanced with a large amount of time spent in Bristol’s finest coffee shops.

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