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Support for new development is a grassroots campaign.


Political allegiances aside – a distracted government is not good for business. We have always said that motivating support for new development is a grassroots campaign and this is true now more than ever.

The economic impact of Covid is being felt across the nation and it appears our friends in Westminster are too busy fighting amongst themselves to dedicate enough time and attention for a proper recovery plan.

Thankfully I am buoyed by the very different picture at a local level. My colleagues working across the country have been busy engaging with local communities – Councillors, business groups and the people who live and work there.

In Birmingham, the Leader of the Council turned out to celebrate the topping out of a new development which would see new affordable homes delivered for the city. On the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, colleagues canvassed residents living in the local area to gauge their appetite for new homes in the area, with nearly 30 people agreeing to write letters of support to help get these homes delivered. At pop-up stalls across the country we’ve been greeted by swathes of people keen to see plans for solar development adopted, initiatives that will help the country to be more sustainable its energy production. And in Winchester we’ve been working closely with local politicians who are keen to see real social value delivered as part of plans to develop part of the city.

Development matters are very much a local concern and it’s encouraging to be able to regale so many stories of my colleagues immersing themselves in the communities within which they operate. While the Government remains distracted with party politics, we’ll remain focused on our commitment to use the built environment as a catalyst for positive change.

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