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Good grief, UKREiiF!


It’s been a whole week since UKREiiF. Long enough for my body to have recovered (don’t do the whole thing in heels, kids) but soon enough such that I’m still fizzing with inspiration and ideas.

It was the tricky second album after an extremely successful debut in 2022. Suffice to say it delivered. A Nirvana’s Nevermind, if you will.

Where social value, equality and diversity, ESG and biodiversity net gain were the buzzwords of the past, it’s clear that they are now very much the pillars from which we are operating as an industry.

Our MD Nikki Davies was invited to host the Youth and EDI pavilion where arguably the most interesting topics and speakers could be found. Such brilliant talent coming through the ranks armed with plenty of ideas and a determination to work smarter, as well as harder.

The hospitality was unparalleled with plenty of kind offers from clients and consultants alike to meet up and exchange ideas. To an outsider it could be construed as a bit of a jolly, but I was pretty impressed by how everyone was definitely there very much to do business and talk shop.

As we near the end of our financial year at Meeting Place and I put pen to paper on our marketing budget – UKREiiF will be firmly in there.

We’re the Meeting Place of deep knowledge and creative thinking. And we want to hear from you.