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12 months in the making – how a year of collaboration is paying dividends across Hertfordshire.


This month, we celebrate the first anniversary of the Hertfordshire Infrastructure & Development Board (HIDB).

A year on from its formation, the quarterly events we facilitate bring together a county-wide coalition of leaders across private and public sectors in a bid to overcome some of Herts’ biggest challenges when it comes to sustainable growth and development.

In partnership with Hertfordshire Growth Board, the meetings bring together political, civic and business leaders from across 11 of Hertfordshire’s councils, to enable closer engagement between local authorities and the development industry.

It has created a tangible link between the public and private sectors, with the primary aim of driving economic prosperity across the region and delivering a long-term collaborative mindset. The approach fosters greater community benefit and social value opportunities for the county, in support of local regeneration and economic recovery.

Through the support of more than fifty member organisations, HIDB’s initial objectives were to:

  • Unlock barriers to the delivery of high-quality, new and sustainable development across the county.

  • Work in partnership to deliver economic recovery and resilience post-pandemic.

  • Encourage regional growth and inward investment in Hertfordshire.

A year on, and HIDB is delivering on all fronts. Check out our video to find out how the subsidiary conferences, initiatives and funding streams are contributing towards good quality, sustainable growth across the county.

Like elsewhere in the country, Hertfordshire is not without its challenges. It faces a tightening of public finances and the economic impact in the wake of the pandemic. Despite the difficulties, the region still has targets to meet – including a 2050 net-zero target and the building of 100,000 homes by the mid-2030s.

HIDB is a tangible demonstration of how Herts’ resilient community is striving for a collaborative mindset to overcome the challenges faced.

By coming together as one group, HIDB members have shown how regions can speak to government with a unified voice on behalf of Hertfordshire, deliver growth and put the region in the best possible position to tackle economic headwinds. Never has it been more important for boroughs and districts elsewhere to forge closer relationships with developers, builders and landowners.

Although we can look back on the impact delivered over the past year, it is clear an issue remains surrounding public sector resourcing – an issue that comes up time and time again at HIDB meetings – and one that we are taking seriously as a group.

It is also clear that both short-term and long-term solutions are required, particularly to deal with rising energy costs and standards of living in our homes.

If we are to tackle these issues, deliver sustainable growth and drive confidence in development elsewhere in the country, we would do well to replicate the approach taken in Hertfordshire.

There is a compelling case to be made for greater private and public sector collaboration to meet the needs of rural areas, towns and cities in counties across the length and breadth of the UK.

With 2022 nearly over, it will be the collective responsibility of the private and public sectors in the months ahead to work together with the shared goal of driving economic prosperity within their regions.

Do get in touch if you’d like to join or hear more about HIDB.

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