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ESG strategy, Midlands

William Davis Homes


Meeting Place is working with William Davis Homes (WDH), one of the Midlands’ leading SME housebuilders, to create and communicate an ESG Framework, enabling the company to better articulate how it generates a positive impact for local communities, the environment and the economy.


Through facilitating a number of internal stakeholder workshops throughout the year, we got under the bonnet to discover and define the company’s unique value proposition within the market, helping to influence and inform the creation of its ESG Framework.


The Framework will give WDH a platform from which to communicate its ESG journey across key target audience groups, while also providing clear milestones to enable the company to report on its progress of how it is making a positive contribution to people, the planet and place.

  • ESG framework strategy & document
  • Interactive stakeholder workshops
  • Brand profile raising

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