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Vision and missions project, Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Growth Board


We worked closely with The Hertfordshire Growth Board (HGB) on an integrated engagement campaign to inform its future vision and missions, which aim to deliver a more sustainable future for millions across the county.

Engaging with HGB's stakeholders, local authorities and communities, our activity gave thousands of people across the county the opportunity to inform HGB's ambitious vision. The campaign's outcomes will help to deliver sustainable growth for generations to come - benefitting Herts' residents, businesses and communities alike.


Our PR, planning comms and design & digital teams worked together to deliver an engaging landing page and impactful county-wide survey, supported by in-person events, stakeholder workshops, social ads and media outreach. Optimised for accessibility, the survey asked the people of Hertfordshire about their thoughts on HGB's key missions - which ranged on issues from transport and digital access, to homes and sustainability - to ensure they were representative of local views.

The results from the survey sought to: shape and unite HGB's stakeholders around a shared purpose and set of county-wide goals, help identify opportunities that will unlock and boost investment, take a more joined-up approach to growth challenges and respond to wider societal pressures.


Running for one month, Meeting Place's survey received 4,400 responses and demonstrated overwhelming support for all six of the missions, alongside a wealth of rich county-wide insight.

By working together under these new missions, Hertfordshire's leaders across place, policing, health and the economy are now united by a common purpose that will deliver profound benefits and enable good, sustainable growth for years to come.

  • More than4,400survey responses
  • Overwhelming support for HGB's missions
  • In-person events, online survey, social ads and media outreach

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