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Battery storage, Land North-East of Kingston Road, Slimbridge

RCA Regeneration


We supported RCA Regeneration, a leading planning consultancy specialising in regenerative projects, to secure approval for plans to deliver a 36MW battery energy storage system (BESS) in Slimbridge, Stroud. A project which we believe was the first of its kind to be approved under the new Labour government.


Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are an exciting new technology that can store the energy produced from renewable sources and thereby accelerate the shift towards net zero.

Devices such as solar panels or wind turbines are dependent on variable external factors, namely the weather, so the ability to draw from an electrical energy reserve will be critical to safeguarding our energy security moving forward. Our role was to explain how the scheme would operate in practice and fit into the UK’s broader energy strategy.

Leading a comprehensive campaign of engagement, Meeting Place's team engaged local councillors ahead of consideration by Stroud District Council’s Development Control Committee.

We made direct contact with all councillors on the committee - as well as the council’s political leadership - to understand their perspectives so that we could tailor messaging and address questions surrounding the forthcoming plans.

A committee briefing summarised the plans for committee members and articulated the advantages of the scheme, so members could understand how it would benefit their constituents. Our proactive approach also involved identifying any misconceptions about the technology to anticipate obstacles before the committee,


The application was approved by Stroud District Council with 10 votes in favour and two abstentions. By ensuring members understood the new technology and addressing some of the misconceptions around fire safety, noise and visual appearance, we built support for the plans, helped to frame a sensible discussion at committee and secured a positive decision.

In line with the Labour government's plans for the UK to become a clean energy superpower, the plans also represent an important step in the right direction for the council which has set an ambitious target for Stroud to become a carbon-neutral district by 2030.

  • 36MWbattery storage capacity
  • Easing the transition to renewable energy

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