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Lambourn Woodlands, Berkshire

Walker Logistics


Plans for a new logistics warehouse and aircraft museum on an unallocated site in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in West Berkshire has the potential to deliver 200 permanent new jobs for the local community.


Meeting Place devised an engagement strategy to mobilise support, substantiate the economic need for the business expansion, and built the case against the perceived harm to the AONB.

The strategy included speaking with local organisations, councillors and supporters, as well as writing a committee briefing summarising the salient points.

We commissioned a virtual site visit video to enable committee members to see the all-important setting of the site and its relationship to the objectors’ homes. Meeting Place wrote the storyboard, as well as overseeing the filming and production.


With the benefit of the designed-up committee briefing and virtual site visit video, together with appropriate Councillor engagement, the outline application was approved at committee.

  • Virtual site visit video enabled committee members to see the all-important setting of the site

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