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Neath, South Wales



Discount food retailer Aldi will deliver a new supermarket for residents in Neath, South Wales.


Critical to harnessing support for the proposals was the delivery of a targeted social media campaign using paid Facebook advertising. Meeting Place designed engaging content (including imagery) and targeted Facebook ads at likely shoppers of the new store.

This engaged a broader range of individuals (both geographically and demographically) than the more traditional consultation methods that we undertook in tandem.

Two, month-long social media campaigns which directed residents to the project’s online consultation feedback form generated 971 registered supporters of the proposals.

We used this data to demonstrate the level of support for the proposals in the Pre-Application Consultation Report and then, upon submission of the planning application, we contacted all supporters encouraging them to register their support on the council’s planning portal. In total, we generated 675 supportive comments on the planning portal.


The planning application was approved by Neath Port Talbot Council’s Planning Committee and the store is now open for business.

  • 675supportive comments were submitted on the planning portal

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