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Dialogue proves key for approval of "exceptional" Brentwood development



Allocated in Brentwood Borough Council’s Local Plan for new development, Anderson is delivering 40 high-quality new homes on land north of Woollard Way in Blackmore.

Complete with public open space and associated infrastructure, the proposals include a commitment to affordable homes, with a proportion safeguarded for those who have a strong connection to Blackmore, as well as new pedestrian and cycle connections and enhanced biodiversity on site.


The site was promoted through the Local Plan over many years, facing strong opposition from well-organised local campaign groups.

Anderson undertook significant consultation with representatives of these local groups, including the Parish Council, which continued through the pre-application consultation.

Meeting Place built upon the relationships that were already established with Blackmore, Hook End and Wyatts Green Parish Council in addition to the Blackmore Village Heritage Association.

We arranged a traditional consultation event for residents to speak to the project team and provide their comments. Following the consultation event and feedback from stakeholders, a number of changes were made to the proposals, including the addition of bungalows and the relocation of proposed homes in the south eastern corner to create more green open space.

Continued dialogue with stakeholders took place following submission including meetings with Blackmore Village Primary School and the local county councillor.


Members of the Planning Committee on Brentwood Borough Council praised the meaningful consultation that had been undertaken which resulted in comments such as “exceptional” and “the model for how development should come forward”. The scheme was granted unanimous approval by members, with both ward members and the local Heritage Association speaking in support of the scheme.

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